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Confident Ink

I got the tattoo bug about 15 years ago.

I first fell in love with those darling tattoos

Of hearts and butterflies that all the

Women were getting on their lower backs.

You know, the area that showcases those

Beautiful tattoos riding right above the

Bikini line.  It did not take long for them to get a bad

Name by all the tattoo haters, though.  I mean, seriously?

Tramp Stamp??  Come on.  Was that term created

by an overwrought, uptight Mormon?

Well, as it turns out I did not end up getting a

Tramp Stamp after all.

I came up with a cool drawing of a cute  little frog.

Thrilled with my hand drawn design, I took

It to the only tattoo shop I knew about.  It was located

In the local mall.  I presented it to the girl who

greeted me for my appointment.  She eyeballed it

coolly and said she’d have to take it back to the “artist”.

Moments later she returned.  “Naw, he won’t do it.”

Why?” I asked.   And she gave me some hokey explanation

About the lines being too fine and how color tattoos never

Last.  So, sadly, I ended up with some “flash art” flower

That was hanging up on the shop wall because the

“ARTIST” was a no talent hack.  (I am definitely getting

A cover up someday)  Since that time, I have gotten

A few other tattoos, which I also designed or personalized

To make them more “my own”.  Of course, I have them done

at a very excellent tattoo shop, by Actual tattoo “ARTISTS”.

Thanks to my first tattooing experience.  I months

researching the design that I want.

I get the basic concept as close to the way

I want it to look and

The artist helps me with suggestions and  design

work of their own to make it even better!

The moral of the story is before you get

A tattoo, meet the tattoo artist, check out

some of their previous work, and most of all know

What you want in advance.  You cannot expect a tattoo artist

to just come up with something cool for you.

They do not know you that deeply.  Nor are they psychic.

  Do not end up a tattoo fail statistic!

  You should

Feel completely confident with your design and

The person who is going to do the work.  Below is a

Picture of my latest.  Best Wishes on Your Tattoo!!

My Compass