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Mystical Universe – Aquarius or Bust

What would the world be like if there were no conflict?  Could we ever imagine such a thing?  Many believe that we are coming to this time on earth very soon.  It is called the Age of Aquarius.  What is the Age of Aquarius about?  According to the information I have read, the Age of Aquarius occurs about every 2000 years.  It is a period when we will experience the joys of a world where honesty and peace are the rule, not the exception.  Everyone will be cared for, respected, and differences are celebrated in this time.  The whole world will be united in common goals, shared wisdom, and spiritual ideals. 

Sounds like a dream come true!

How does this come into being?  In the astrological world, each astrological age last for approximately 2000 years.  The sun moves slowly through each zodiac sign and during each age we experience the world around us as through a “colored filter” that affects our reality.

For example, during the past 2000 years or so, we have been in the Age of Pisces.

That means that everything we’ve been through has been colored by the influences of the of the Fish sign, which has created an age of:

·         religion

·         superstition

·         blind belief

·         instinct

·         impracticality

·         unlimited personal potentials

·         movement toward mysticism and transcendence

·         beginning to see a bigger picture than home/family/work

·         growing awareness of interdependency and global connection

·         following desires rather than logic

·         dualism — split between material life and spiritual experience, between mind and heart

·         altruism and gentleness (this is why Buddha, Mohammed, and Jesus were all prophets in this age, offering a message of peace and caring for the poor)

·         living in a fantasy world of our own imagination (ie, denial, addiction, and escapism)

Now we are leaving the Age of Pisces and slowly move into Aquarius.  There is no consensus as to the EXACT year, month, and day that this starts to happen.  The universe does not operate on the imagined time management system of human beings.  There are no calendars or clocks to answer to in the mystical realm.  So, the beginning and ending of each astrological age can only be estimated.

But according to many astrologers the Age of Aquarius began sometime in the 20th century.  Remember change takes time, we have 2000 years to evolve through this new age.  I am hopeful that I will see more of the positive effects of Aquarius before I leave this earth.   

The following is a list of qualities of the Aquarian Age:

·         idealism

·         solidarity and fellowship

·         kindness and compassion

·         philanthropy and altruism

·         spiritual awareness

·         revelation of Truth

·         equality

·         democracy

·         freedom

·         peace

·         love

·         equanimity

·         modernization

·         rebels and rebellion

·         nonconformity

·         perseverance

·         computerization

·         flying

As you can see, Aquarius has the potential to have both positive and negative implications.  Perhaps the outcomes will depend on the actions of free will human beings.  Then again, many people will not even consider this as a real occurrence.  Life is what it is – put the mumbo jumbo in the corner!  Either way – it doesn’t matter.  Those who do believe in the mumbo jumbo of a mystical universe will observe and consciously reap the benefits of the changing world.  Enjoy!